Unleashing the 8 Dog-Friendly Travel Trends for 2024

We are thrilled to unveil the top dog-friendly travel trends for 2024, revealing exciting insights into the ever-growing world of pet-friendly adventures.  

Leading the way for 2024 are dog-friendly experiences including walking tours and dog-friendly vineyards, dog birthday celebration weekends, and doggie eco travel. Plus, we take a look at the most popular dog-friendly destination for 2023, as well as the most travelled pooch. 

So, paws at the ready… Here are the top 8 doggie trends for 2024.

  1. Yorkshire: The Ultimate Dog-Friendly Destination

According to our research, Yorkshire emerges as the top dog-friendly travel destination for 2023. Pet parents are increasingly seeking picturesque landscapes and scenic walks, making Yorkshire the perfect haven for unforgettable dog-friendly walking holidays. With its breathtaking moors, rolling hills, and charming villages, it’s no wonder this region has captured the hearts of dog-loving travellers.

  1. Cockapoos Take the Lead

The Cockapoo proudly leads the pack as the most travelled dog breed with PetsPyjamas customers in 2023. These adorable, energetic pups are the perfect companions for exploring new destinations, and their popularity continues to soar among travellers seeking furry adventures. Their favourite destination is Devon, with other popular breeds including Labradors who enjoyed travelling to Hampshire and Cocker Spaniels whose favourite spot was Suffolk

  1. Solo Travel with Furry Sidekicks

Solo travellers are finding companionship in their four-legged friends, with a rising trend of opting for dog-friendly getaways for one plus the pooch.  We provide a wealth of options for solo travellers and your canine companions, ensuring that no one has to explore the world alone.

  1. All Aboard: Train Travel with Dogs

In 2024, more dog-friendly travellers are opting for train travel to reach their destinations. The convenience, comfort, and eco-friendliness of train journeys are becoming increasingly appealing to those looking to embark on memorable dog-friendly adventures. “Dogs love all the attention they receive on the train too!” says the team.

  1. Doggie Wine Tasting Tours and Training Weekends

In 2024, pet parents are embracing new and exciting dog-friendly experiences. The trend for doggie wine-tasting tours and training weekends is on the rise, offering both entertainment and education for dogs and their owners. These specialized getaways provide the perfect opportunity for dogs to indulge in unique activities while bonding with their human companions. Plus we have just launched our luxury treehouse yoga and wellness retreat

  1. The Rise of Eco-travel, Shepherds’ Huts and Cabins

Bookings for shepherds’ huts and glamping are on the rise. These secluded getaways offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing travellers and their dogs to immerse themselves in nature’s tranquillity and enjoy time away from their phones. We offer a selection of these idyllic accommodations for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

  1. Multi-Generational Summer Holidays

We have seen a growing trend of multi-generational summer holidays that include the entire family, and their beloved pets. Families are increasingly opting for vacations that cater to all generations, ensuring that grandparents, parents, children, and dogs can enjoy quality time together. This trend highlights the importance of inclusivity and creating cherished memories that span generations.

  1. Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday in Luxury

The trend of celebrating your dog’s birthday in style continues to gain momentum. Pet parents are seeking luxurious hotels and accommodations that provide special birthday packages for their furry companions with hotels providing birthday cakes and gourmet meals. These bespoke celebrations allow dogs to indulge in the lap of luxury while enjoying special treats, pampering, and memorable experiences.