Should you take your dog on holiday?



Your dog is a big part of your family, so it’s no great surprise that many families want to take their pets on holiday with them.

If you’re going on holiday in the UK, it can be a great opportunity to give your dog a change of scenery. Whether you’re heading to a campsite or a holiday home, you’ll need to make sure your holiday accommodation is dog friendly. Although hotels are likely to be out of the question, particularly in cities, there’s plenty of beautiful country cottages scattered across the country. The best place to start researching holiday homes is online, where you’ll be able to type in specific details, including your dog’s needs.

For long car journeys with your pet, a comfortable dog travel bed or a pet carrier and a selection of toys and goodies are essential. What’s more, pick up a doggie travel bag and you can fit everything it’ll need into one place.

Dogs will always love a good beach and the countryside in general, so a trip to Britain’s coastal counties would be the ideal holiday choice. From Devon to the islands off the Scottish mainland, there’s hundreds of beautiful walks and cycling adventures for you and your pet to enjoy.

If you’re heading abroad on holiday, it’s usually easier to leave your pet behind. Whilst new vaccine regulations mean you can take your dog without the need to quarantine on return, it can still be problematic. As well as being expensive and extra hassle for you, some dogs find travelling abroad – particularly long-haul – very distressing.

Modern dog kennels are generally very bright and spacious with plenty of outdoor space. Well-equipped to deal with the needs of many different animals, pet boarding is much more comfortable than they used to be. Helping to install ‘a pack mentality’, too, they’re a great place for dogs to stay on a short term basis.

Equally, you might fancy returning from your travels to a perfectly trained mutt. If so, why not send it to a dog bootcamp while you’re away? There are hundreds of specialised schools around the country that will teach your pooch a number of commands that’ll make controlling them that much easier – all with very little effort on your part!

For short or weekend breaks, many pet owners prefer to leave their pet with a trusted friend or family member. This can be a great solution if you’ve got help living nearby, but can sometimes be too much of a responsibility for people to take on, so why not opt for a dog sitter.

Whilst the introduction of pet passports means you’re able to travel with your pet within the continent, these are very time consuming to organise and take several months to come through. Think about using one of the new breed of excellent kennels or packing your furry friend off to bootcamp for some super useful training – of course, the other option is always to enjoy a “staycation” right here on British soil and book a UK holiday at dog friendly hotels.

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