The most suitable dog breeds for cities


It may be your dream to own a Husky or an Alsatian, but big dogs aren’t necessarily the right choice of pet if you live in the city. Given the amount of space and exercise required by some dog breeds, it’s best to do your research thoroughly before buying or adopting a dog for your home.

If you live in an apartment, a toy dog might be one of the best dog breeds for city living. Chihuahuas make great pets for children and, as they hate the cold, are best kept indoors so limited outdoor space isn’t a problem. Kids will love them, as they can be dressed up in fashion forward items that will make them the envy of the school playground when you go to pick them up with pooch in tow.

Another breed that will be quite happy indoors is the Dachshund. Whilst they’re not suitable pets for small children, they’re great city dogs as they’re very active inside, so don’t require garden space. Pugs are generally very well behaved and get on well with small children, babies and other animals. With their even temperament and good nature, they make excellent family pets in city apartments.

If a designer dog isn’t for you, there are other breeds that also prove to be some of the best dogs for city living. Small dogs are generally considered to weigh less than 22lbs and be shorter than 16 inches, making them ideal house pets. Information on small dogs is widely available online and your vet should also be able to provide you with some advice.

When you choose your pup, trainability should be a key consideration. While many small dogs can be very easily trained, some may need a little more instruction than others. If you work or have limited time to spare, you may want to adopt an older animal that has already been fully trained. Alternatively, there are hundreds of specialised training schools around the country where you can send your pampered pup; they’ll return to you perfectly prepared for life in the city.

Keeping your home clean can be more of a challenge when you have a dog, particularly if it’s a puppy. Some breeds shed more hair than others, making vacuuming a daily chore. Short haired dogs are generally easier to manage, since long haired breeds will need regular grooming to make sure their fur doesn’t become matted. Get your hands on a small dog carrier and you can put your tiny friend away for a few minutes while you really go to work on the carpets and furniture.

Most small dogs get along well with children and make good family pets. However, when provoked, any dog can snap so it’s never a good idea to leave any animal alone with a small child. To make sure your pet adapts well to your family, it’s best to teach your children how to handle the dog and encourage them to be as gentle as possible.

The best dogs for city living are calm, even tempered and mild natured. Dogs with lots of excess energy such as Labradors or Collies are often better suited to countryside environments, where they’ll have plenty of space to run around. Items like a small dog carrier will make your life so much easier – just make sure you’re prepared for the odd unforeseen event!

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