Holidaying with your dog – cottages, campfires or country houses?

Cottages, Campfires and Country Houses – which is right for your dog-friendly holiday?


When it comes to taking your four-legged friend on holiday there has never been more choice. And if you’re heading off into the UK’s lush and verdant countryside, it’s the perfect opportunity to take your dog away with you. That’s where we come in. We know the best cottages, unique adventures and luxury stays that will have your dog wagging like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s a couple of ideas of the kind of holiday-at-home both you and your dog will love.


The cottage: is there anything more quintessentially British? The fire is roaring, you’ve a glass of wine in hand and your faithful mutt is curled up in front of you. It’s the picture-perfect trip. We’ve a great variety of homes for you to stay in across the UK that will fit you and your dog down to the ground. Check out our list of rural stays – the ideal choice for those looking for long rambles in the countryside, or properties that come complete with a hot tub – but that’s more of a treat for you than the dog.



Cottages are the ideal getaway for those who have more than one dog, and want the freedom to be able to escape into the country at a moments notice. Why not check out the list of our favourite dog-friendly cottages? Whatever kind of break you want, we have a cottage option for you.

Country Houses

You don’t need to be from the manor born to get a taste of the high life, and many of our luxury properties are delighted to accept your dog too. On top of that, you’ll find that our manor homes need not blow the budget. Ideal for large groups, you can take the whole gang or the entire family away for a fraction of the price. Don your best tweed and take your fine canine companion for a stroll around the grounds at our pick of the finest luxury stay.


A trip to the countryside is no doubt one of your doggy’s dream destinations, but it’s best to check up on the local area beforehand to avoid any issues. If your canine companion needs plenty of room to stretch their legs, we’ve got a selection of homes with dedicated outdoor spaces to ensure your pet stays safe and sound.

Hotels and B&Bs

From five-star luxury where you and your pup are waited on paw and foot to boutique B&Bs that keep things charming and cosy, our huge range of dog-welcoming properties offer everything you could possibly need. Many of our properties are fully-equipped with beds, bowls and all the trimmings. Your faithful friend will also be cordially invited to dinner, allowing them to never leave your side. As if that wasn’t enough, many of our hotels have doggy menus so they can dine in style, too. Plus, we have many exclusive packages you won’t find anywhere else. There are plenty of getaways that are more than accommodating for your pooch: here’s our pick of the best.




If your pup has a bit more of the spirit of adventure then these are the trips for you. The UK is jam-packed with quirky and cool destinations from glamping it up at a tiki lodge in Swansea to or renting your own van from Kev’s Kampers, and all of ours are perfectly set up so you can take your dog. Here’s our ultimate pick of unique trips.


Plus, what’s better for your dog than the great outdoors? Want more info? Here’s our guide to taking your dog camping.


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