Why you should feed your Yorkshire Terrier ROYAL CANIN ®

A big dog in a small dog’s body – Yorkshire Terriers are well-known for their hardy character and distinctive, long flowing coat, of which needs a steady blend of nutrients to keep it in top condition.

Often suffering from a more delicate digestive system, a balanced diet is essential for a Yorkshire Terrier and their long-term health.

yorkshire terrier

ROYAL CANIN®’s new Yorkshire Terrier Adult wet has been formulated with specially selected ingredients that will not only support a healthy digestion but nourish your pet’s skin and steel-blue coat. Plus, the loaf texture is perfectly suited to the Yorkie’s small jaw and will satisfy your pet’s appetite for longer. Combine with ROYAL CANIN®’s specially formulated kibble for even more health benefits.

Unlike other pet food companies, ROYAL CANIN® don’t use consumer surveys or market research when creating their diets – they focus solely on your pet’s nutritional needs. Taking into account everything from age, activity level, breed, size and type of lifestyle – ROYAL CANIN® know one food doesn’t suit all so are continuously innovating their diets.

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Visit www.royalcanin.co.uk to find out more about their range of pet food.

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