Why you should feed your Poodle ROYAL CANIN ®

Possibly the most easily recognisable of all dog breeds – before Poodles were primarily pets or working dogs, they were bred to retrieve game from the water so have always needed a good diet to maintain muscle tone for their working obligations.

Plus, that iconic woolly, curly coat requires a regular intake of balanced nutrients to keep it in peak condition.

ROYAL CANIN®’s new Poodle Adult Wet food has been formulated with specially selected ingredients that will help support your canine’s athletic build as well as their unique coat. And despite often being fussy eaters, the texture and aroma will tempt your Poodle and satisfy their appetite. Combine with ROYAL CANIN®’s specially formulated kibble for even more health benefits.


Unlike other pet food companies, ROYAL CANIN® don’t use consumer surveys or market research when creating their diets – they focus solely on your pet’s nutritional needs. Taking into account everything from age, activity level, breed, size and type of lifestyle – ROYAL CANIN® know one food doesn’t suit all so are continuously innovating their diets.

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Visit www.royalcanin.co.uk to find out more about their range of pet food.

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