Working Cocker Spaniel puppies – the lowdown

They may be a very popular breed at the moment, and are of course extremely cute but is a Working Cocker Spaniel the right breed for you? We catch up with Sev and Lily’s mum Steph from Spaniel Life as she helps us to understand what it’s like to own a Spaniel puppy…


Every dog and every puppy needs your time, however Spaniels need a lot! As an exceptionally intelligent breed, training is very important, walks are key and putting in a lot of effort is a must. Lack of exercise and training can both be large factors for a “naughty” puppy, so giving them what they need will help them thrive and put their energy to best use.

Extremely loving

Cocker Spaniels are very loving and very loyal, so they’ll likely follow you around everywhere and become your best buddy in no time. This also means that they can become needy and will want a lot of attention, so you’ll have to be prepared for a true fur-baby on your hands.


This can vary a huge amount, but both show and Working Cockers are known as medium-size breeds. They can weight from 9kg up to 15kg and even more, with shapes and builds changing drastically too. I love the size of a Spaniel generally, especially as they have “big dog” personalities but they are pretty manageable in most homes.

Work commitments

Of course, with any dog you need to make sure they fit in with your lifestyle. Cockers generally don’t like to be left alone for too long and when you are at home it’s important you give them the time they need for walks and mental stimulation. Dog walkers and doggie day care can be very useful if you’re pressed for time, however this will be an added cost.


And again, with any dog, a Cocker Spaniel comes with various money commitments. The extra costs you’ll be looking at are; food, insurance, dog walkers, treats, toys, training, grooming, vaccinations and other health care, e.g. monthly flea treatments, etc. All of these factors make for a happy and healthy puppy who will grow into a wonderful dog, but that will never come cheaply.

If you’re looking for a medium-size dog with a lot of intelligence and love to give, and you’re prepared to commit time and effort to walking and training, then a Cocker Spaniel may work for you.

As the breed stems from working lines, they are certainly not a quick thought and although they are the best breed out there (I have to say that, right?) they need a lot of time, love and effort otherwise you could find yourself with a naughty and uncontrollable pooch.

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