Meet the Makers: our favourite pet brands

We only team up with brands that are as passionate about pets as we are. So, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favourite pet brands to give you a little insight into why they make these gorgeous pet accessories…

Dogs & Horses

pet brands dogs and horses

In 2006, Dogs & Horses set out to build the finest handmade dog accessories in the world (this is not an exaggeration, really) using only the best materials. In terms of the construction of D&H collars and leads, this meant going back-to-basics.

The problem (ahem, ‘challenge’) is that sometimes ‘basics’ is, well, a bit basic. Then D&H had this brilliant idea: let’s take traditional craftsmanship and give it some flair. Some style. A modern vibe. Something fashion-led. Because, you know, fashion is about statement. But you want your statement to have substance

This concept has stood the test of time. Because 10 years on, D&H are still here and loving every minute of what they do.

Dug and Bitch

pet brands dug and bitch

Dug and Bitch are a small Scottish family business based in the Traquair estate in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Borders. Their vision is simple – it is to unashamedly create handmade, natural, organic unique exquisite gifts for your beloved pet.

All the ingredients in their products are organic, natural and ethically sourced, and they always ensure quality and most importantly safety in the manufacturing process. Unlike large manufacturers, their products are handmade in small batches in their Scottish workshop – they make every batch, add every ingredient and fill every bottle and jar.

As a family, Dug and Bitch are a little eccentric but this allows them the creativity to bring you unique, unusual gifts and let your loved one unleash their inner woof.

Pear Tannery

pet brands pear tannery

Pear Tannery is a small family owned business. Their focus as a company is on quality, design and fit.

Pear Tannery choose the best quality hides in Europe and manufacture their products in traditional methods using mostly hand stitching. Attention to detail is foremost and they endeavour to supply products that will withstand the wear and tear of daily life with your dog.

All their products are designed to be both unique and traditional in look, and are tested for fit as like humans, no two dogs are the same.

Pear Tannery are constantly improving and developing new styles to make your dog the most fashionable on the block or the field!

House of Paws

pet brands house of paws

House of Paws is a family-run business and was founded in 2006 after being inspired by their own pet’s needs.

Based in the heart of Leicestershire, HOP have a dedicated team where they design, manufacture and distribute all their products in-house. Designs are made with four-legged comfort and quality in mind as well as complementing the home, offering storage solutions to developing toys for fun to boredom breakers.

HOP offers a wide range of dog and cat beds, toys, clothing, grooming as well as stylish storage solutions, dining, travel and a super festive Christmas range. They work tirelessly to update and remain innovative with their products, bringing out newness each year.

All their lines are designed to offer quality, durability and comfort for a pet’s lifestyle.

PJ Pet Pet Products

pet brands pj pet products

PJ Pet Products is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor purely focused on the creation of innovative and unique products for cats and dogs that will enhance both pets and their owner’s lives. Look out for their fantastic brands K9 Pursuits, DO&G, CA&T, Waggy Tails Developments, Aqua Spring, Loopy Lead and many more!

Clementine Est. for Dogs

pet brands clementine est for dogs

Clementine was born out of a desire to create beautifully designed and premium quality dog products, unique in their simplicity and functionality. The emphasis on striking colours, meticulous craftsmanship and innovative use of optimum materials is key to the Clementine brand.

Clementine is a brand that appropriates the very best of British design and craft sensibilities while integrating this with an internationally recognisable aesthetic. It is the celebration of canine culture, and responsible and ethical attitudes towards animals, which drives Clementine and their clients.

Their bespoke products are all handmade from the very best materials with a highly luxurious finish, which defines the distinctive character that is Clementine.

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