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Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?



Top dog trainer, Charlie Clarricoates reveals how to spot if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and how to help them.

Separation anxiety is one of the most common behaviour problems reported by dog owners, with 15% of UK dogs reportedly suffering from the condition, and an even greater number showing symptoms, often unrecognised by the owner. Dogs who whine, bark, or destroy the home when their owner is away are exhibiting signs of separation anxiety, while other signs are harder to spot. Dogs who constantly follow their owner around, who always like to keep part of their body touching their owner, or who become quickly agitated when they are left alone, are all giving subtle clues that they are suffering from anxiety. To find out if your dog is suffering with the condition, keep an eye out for these signs and try to record a tape of your dog while you are out of the house – if the moment you leave, your dog starts barking and ruining the furniture, you can assume that he’s not happy about you being away!

So, how do you remedy separation anxiety? Charlie Clarricoates, founder of Charlie’s Dog Training Centre, outlines how to ensure your dog will remain calm and happy when alone: