Katie Canvin and Muffin

Katie Canvin, owner of glamorous boutique chain Austique, tells us how she balances life with daughter Constance, baby Sam and adorable Yorkiepoo, Muffin. And not forgetting Katie’s other new baby – the new Austique store in Notting Hill.


What are you up to at the moment and how is the new shop going?

I am working so hard on all areas of the business but the main focus is on our new shop in Ledbury Road, our underwear line Cheek Frills and our Austique fashion label. The new shop has been doing so well, we feel very welcome in W11!

How old is Muffin and what is her breed?

She will be four on October 10th 2015 and is a Yorkiepoo. She is so very kind, very clever and full of energy!

What is it like having a dog and a new baby? How do they get on?

Sam the baby loves Muffin and spends all day watching her. Muffin is extremely protective of Sam, I often find her asleep by his cot.


Do they play together?

Not yet but it is just a matter of time. As soon as he starts to crawl Muffin will have no peace!

How does Muffin get on with Constance?

Muffin gets very little peace as she and Connie spend all day playing together; chasing each other either around the park or the house.

Do they all get on together?

They all get on very well unless Muffin eats one of Connie’s Barbie dolls!


Do you have any advice for people with children thinking of getting a puppy? Are there any particular challenges?

Definitely be careful that you get a dog that will be protective of a new baby rather than jealous. We were lucky, but maybe it is best to introduce the dog to the family after the baby is born.  We were lucky that Muffin accepted Sam into the family right away.

What do you especially love about Muffin?

That she is so amazing with Connie and Sam.

What do you especially love about the breed?

Their energy has good and bad sides, she is not tired even after two trips a day to the park but on the flip side she is completely boundless which is lovely to see.

What is on Muffin’s wish list from PetsPyjamas?

A new lead as she is always eating through hers!


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