What to consider when buying new pet beds

A bed is important to a dog’s wellbeing. The bed is doggie HQ – a place to retreat for quiet rest and quality me time – something that is very important for a dog, especially if they live with a young family. A bed provides a sense of security by being that special private place.

If the dog enjoys using the bed, it may also help to establish boundaries in the household that prefers that pets stay off of the “people” furniture. If this is you, more than one bed for your dog or cat is a must. Ideally there should be a bed in every family area used by your pet and with the seasons changing, now is the time to invest in one of our lovely beds from our fantastic collection.

When choosing a new bed, it is important to make sure it will suit the breed of your dog. Smaller breeds, such as Terriers, PugsFrench Bulldogs etc, like a cosy bed with raised sides where they can snuggle up in – the Balmoral Tweed Donut Bed is perfect for comfortable snuggling. Bigger hounds like to sprawl – so a flat bed such as the Dog Print Duck Egg Pillow Bed provides spacious comfort. If you are looking for a little more luxury, spoil your canine companion with the Luxury Navy Slumber Bed.


But before you buy a new dog bed, measure your dog from nose to tail – a bed that is too small will be uncomfortable. Check that the bed you like is washable – both dog and cat beds should be washed once a month to get rid of odours and lurking flea eggs or mites. Bed hygiene is really vital for dogs or cats with skin problems. If your pet has a skin flare up, get rid of the old bed and buy a new one. If possible, replace the bed at least annually.

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