Can I take my dog to a service station?

Many campsites and cottages across the UK welcome dogs, making it easy for families to travel together without leaving furry members of the family behind. But whilst dogs love the country air, coastal walks and green fields, they don’t always enjoy the journey, so it’s best to take plenty of breaks.

If you’re planning on taking a road trip or ‘staycation’ in the UK and want to take your pet along for the ride with you, one of the main questions you’re likely to be asking is whether you and your pet will be able to stop off at service stations on the way for toilet breaks and exercise.

Thankfully, dogs are welcome at most rest stops, although it’s worth checking service station reviews before you set off on your trip. Of course, you can’t always plan for emergency toilet breaks, but it’s a good idea to plan a couple of your stops in advance.

Service station reviews will often tell you whether or not dogs are welcome and if there’s a patch of grass where owners can exercise their pets. Some service stations may not allow pets inside the main building, which is important to bear in mind if you and your canine companion are travelling alone.

To make the journey more comfortable for your pet, why not invest in a comfy travel blanket and car seat cover? Over the course of several hours in the car, your pet is bound to shed some hair, so if you like to keep your seats relatively hair-free, then a car seat cover is a must. The Danish Design car seat cover in our range offers protection for the whole seat – including the backrest – and is easy to wipe clean.

As long as you keep your dog entertained and comforted with a toy and travel blanket (and ensure that you take regular service station breaks) the journey with your pet should run fairly smoothly.

However, if your pet is particularly energetic, you might find it helpful to calm them down with some organic Valerian compound drops. Made from a fast-acting formula that helps to calm hyperactive or anxious pets, these dog and cat travel drops are ideal for potentially stressful situations like a long journey or trip to the vet. These dog and cat travel drops are easy to administer through food, water or even by adding a few drops to a favourite travel blanket.

So, for a smooth journey with your pet, remember to bring plenty of food, water, and comforting toys – and to take regular breaks at a service station with green space for walkies. Finally, don’t forget to wind down the window a little so that your canine companion can enjoy the breeze!