Lulu Guinness: exclusive interview with dog Daphne

We caught up with British designer Lulu Guinness, and the infamous Daphne Guinness (a white-haired glamorous Westie in case you didn’t know), to chat about pearls, Tuna the dog & Notting Hill strolls. Lulu holds a lot of love for Daphne, and has even immortalized her in bag form – all of the glamour, none of the doggie bags.

How did you choose Lulu as your owner?

I remember that day so well, as if it were just yesterday…there were a lot of stylish people after me that got close to winning my heart but there was something about them that wasn’t quite right. Lulu was the only woman in the room who was daring to be a little bit different, so she was the only true option for me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up and bark at the annoying postman that pushes paper through the door at me all the time. Next, a light breakfast from my favourite Lulu bowl, followed by a nap until walkies, where I can get myself into shape before summer is over. A snuggle or two, and another nap until dinner time where I can polish off my bowl, then time for dress up with Mummy before bed. Sometimes, on special occasions, I get to do a spot of modelling which is my favourite thing to do.

How important is fashion to you?

I’m all about the accessories – a girl can’t leave the house looking ruff.

                                 The new Daphne Dog Clutch (available now)

Do you have a favourite pet accessory?

I only ever wear my diamond collar, but on occasion Lulu likes to share her own accessories with me as well (her pearls are my favourite) and we also designed a dog bowl together for Daphne’s Restaurant in South Ken.

Whose style do you most admire? Can be human or animal!

I look to Tuna the dog when I’m looking for pup-spiration, but Iris Apfel is my spirit animal – I love how she has no bone-daries and her accessories always look so FETCH!

If Lulu was a dog which breed would she be?

Why, a Westie like me, of course!

Do you have a favourite human?

Lulu – her cuddles are the best in the world.

Are you a city pooch or a country-loving hound?

I’m a Notting Hill pup but love it when Lulu and I go for walks in the country – so many amazing new smells.

Where are your favourite places to walk?

Notting Hill & Portobello road are great for pup-watching on the weekends, with a quick stop for pup-corn to keep me going throughout the day (especially if Lulu decides we need to queue in Bark-leys).

Do you go on holiday with Lulu? If so, where?

Travelling is sometimes difficult with Lulu as most hotels are pup-free zones, but my new friends at PetsPyjamas introduced me to Cliveden House – I had the most fabulous afternoon tea with Lulu in the great hall – I have so many stories now to tell my friends which will make me the envy of the park.