Choosing the Right Collar and Lead for Your Best Friend

Walking with your dog is such a lovely experience and promotes physical and emotional wellbeing for both you and your furry friend.

There are so many collars and leads to choose from and it’s beneficial to have more than just one set.

For instance you will need a practical one for muddy walks in the country, a smarter one for visiting friends and for special occasions and a spare collar and lead for when you are travelling …

So, what are the choices?

Synthetic materials – these come in an array of lovely bright collars and are ideally suited for outdoor adventures and muddy walks, as well as everyday strolls in the park. They are machine washable and easy to care for.


For a slightly smarter look choose a leather collar. Made of natural materials they are the ideal choice for sensitive dogs. Choose rolled leather for extra comfort.


For special occasions and doggie birthdays make your dog feel extra special with a collar and lead with a lovely bow tie attachment.


What about collar size?

A good rule of thumb is – you should be able to fit one finger under the collar of small breeds collar, two fingers for medium sized breeds and 3 fingers for large breeds. Another good tip is to add 4 to 5 centimetres to the neck measurement of a larger breed and 2 to 3 on for small and medium sized breeds.

And how often should I change my puppy collar?

It’s vital to check your puppy’s collar once a week, especially with bigger breeds. Use our tips above. And don’t forget, puppies are not used to wearing anything around their neck so start with a light-weight collar and work up as they get older.

Not sure of the right size or style? Give our Pet Stylists a call on
0203 642 3161 
and let us find you the perfect collar and lead set for your dog.

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