Photographer captures heart-warming snaps of disabled animals

On a mission to prove every animal is beautiful and deserving of a loving home is award-winning Australian photographer Alex Cearns.

disabled animals

Constant eye issues resulted in Scrappy having both of them removed

Her heart-warming photo portrait series titled ‘Perfect Imperfection’ features dozens of disabled animals – some with missing limbs, missing eyes and skull injuries. The majority of the impairments are the result of natural causes – such as cancer or birth abnormalities – sadly some are the result of physical abuse and neglect.

disabled animals

Kitten Rupert is missing one of his front legs

“To me, all animals are beautiful – able-bodied animals and those who have had a harder path to walk, with physical ailments,” said Alex.

“I always want people to see my subjects the same way. If a three-legged dog is the focus of my lens, I want to lead with the character of that dog, rather than dwell on his or her physical differences or limitations.”

disabled animals

Puppy Louis only has one eye

From cats and dogs to birds, and even a young goat – Alex’s portraits not only highlight the beauty of each animal but also their ability to overcome their adversities.

disabled animals

Kitten Nimh had both her eyes removed after complications at birth

perfect imperfection 15

Left: Spike the Galah Cockatoo has a fused leg and, Right: Baby dove Hedwig had half his skull and one eye removed due to an infection

disabled animals

A baby goat has a broken leg

“Animals are so stoic and they push forward regardless of what befalls them,” continued Alex.

perfect imperfection

Puppy Pip suffers from the skin condition mange

“They always seem to see the bright side of everything and are grateful each and every day – especially dogs.”

disabled animal

Barbara suffered brain and skull injuries due to abuse

“I admire the ‘Perfect Imperfection’ animals so much – for their determination, steely spirits and ability to move forward without complaint.”

disabled animals

Like his namesake, Ray Charles is blind after being born with under developed eyes

disabled animals

Rowdy had one of his front legs removed due to cancer

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