How to go camping with your dog

Camping holidays should be your dog’s idea of heaven. They’ll love spending time with you living outdoors, sleeping under the stars and – of course – enjoying long, long, long walks in the countryside…


1. Location, location, location

Camping holidays should start with you picking the perfect location; there are several gorgeous destinations that’ll welcome your canine companion with open arms. For those that prefer the idea of glamping, there are some dog-friendly options, including the super chic Primrose Yurt in Cornwall.

2. Update your pet’s details

Before you leave, double check your details are up-to-date on the microchip database and on your dog’s ID tag. Don’t forget to include your mobile number in your contact details while you’re away from home.

3. The greatest wealth is health

It’s always important that your dog’s vaccinations are all up-to-date, but even more so if they’re heading abroad or to a new environment. Keep your vaccination record card in a document holder, along with any other insurance and veterinary information you might need to have to hand.


4. Who you gonna call?

Once you’ve decided on your destination, take time to locate the nearest vet and make a note of their contact details. Not only will this put your mind at ease, but also if your beloved pup does need professional medical attention, you’ll know whom to call right away.

5. Be prepared

Running around on rough terrain can take its toll on your pooch’s paws, and it’s only sensible to be prepared for the minor injuries that an energetic pup might pick up.  Ensure you put together a first aid kit for your pet before you leave, just in case.

6. A thirst for adventure

Sniffing up all that fresh air is thirsty work! Make sure you pack a travel bowl so your pooch can rehydrate on the move. Collapsible water bowls are very light and easily portable, which is great if you’re off on long walks or short on space.


7. Pack all the essentials

Check you have everything you’ll need in the car packed into a handy travel bag so that your four-legged friend can arrive at their destination in style. A cosy blanket will help your dog to rest en route, then doubles up as protection for your car seats when they’re wet and dirty after a run through the woods that somehow involved several detours into a stream!

8. Lead the way

Don’t forget to pack a stylish lead for your trip – nothing too glitzy, just something simple and elegant in leather that fits the country casual aesthetic. Even the best behaved dog will need to be under close control if you’re walking near livestock – this just ensures that they’re the best dressed, too.

9. Layering is key

Despite wearing a fluffy fur coat, your dog may need an extra layer from time to time. Whether it’s a cooling jacket for summer days or a fleece for cold nights, your dog will thank you for the added protection from the elements.

10. Be responsible

Make sure you’re thorough about clearing up after your dog. Ensure you have a good supply of doggie bags with you, remembering that shops are not always readily on hand in the countryside when you need to replenish supplies.


11. Food, glorious food!

It’s worth taking enough food to last for the whole camping trip, plus a little extra. You might find your dog’s appetite increases in the great outdoors, and you don’t want to risk local shops not stocking their favourite brand of food. Don’t forget a few treats – after all, they’re on holiday too!

12. Groomed to pawfection

If you’re planning on wandering down to explore some of the local pubs after walkies, a little grooming will be essential. Make sure you pack the right tools for the job – a good brush will transform your dog from muddy mongrel to posh pooch in no time, and keep hair from getting tangled and matted.

13. Breathing space

Camping with your dog means you’ll have your very own canine hot water bottle to warm you on cold nights – but if your love for your dog doesn’t quite extend to their breath, you might want to look at upgrading your tent to something a little more spacious, or ensuring your pet has their very own super comfy bed!

14. Take a picture – it’ll last longer

Don’t forget to capture it all on camera. Call us biased, but there’s simply nothing cuter than pampered pets putting their paws up on a well-deserved break!