Danielle Lineker & Snoop

Actress Danielle Lineker, wife of Gary, talks to us about life with her adorable Golden Labrador Snoop, why he is such an important member of the family and how long walks with Snoop keep her in shape.


What are you working on at the moment and future plans?

I am currently playing the role of a teacher in a play called Responsible Other at Hampstead Theatre. After that my immediate future plan is to take a long holiday with my husband and daughter.

What breed of dog is Snoop?

Snoop is a Golden Labrador.

Do you exercise with Snoop and where do you like to go?

We are very lucky that our house is on a nature reserve in South West London, so we take him out twice a day. He helps me with my cardio as we both enjoy long walks. When we are out he loves chasing birds and squirrels but his favourite thing is playing with the football, of course!

Does he get on well with your daughter?

Ella and Snoop adore each other, and she claims he is ‘her’ dog. Although he loves having Gary’s boys around, his personality completely changes and he becomes ‘one of the boys’.


Do you like to take him away with you?

We do take him to Babington house which is heaven for the whole family. He also loves a trip to Wales as he gets to go to the beach and swim!

Why do you love him so much?

We love him so much as he is our baby in the family. Being a step family, he has helped us all bond. He is so instinctive; he just knows when you’re feeling poorly or having a bad day and is always around for a cuddle. He has total unconditional love for us all, as we do for him.

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

We all as a family feel very strongly about pet welfare and we are keen supporters of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Do you have any pet friendly places near you?

We are extremely lucky to have lots of dog friendly pubs on river where we live, which means Snoop gets to be involved in lots of family outings.

What’s on your wishlist from PetsPyjamas? 

Snoop could really do with a new strong chunky collar and some toys – he chews everything! Including my Louboutins!