Eroc the Skateboarding Dog’s Epic Adventure

Eroc the skateboarding phenomenon shares his epic adventure around some of Wales’ best beaches…




Sometimes the weekend just isn’t long enough to kick back and relax. I was getting itchy paws and knew there was only one thing for it – an adventure!

I’d never been to Wales before so we packed up the car, and drove out of London heading west to Pembrokeshire, the land of epic. While Dad drove, me and Mum researched stuff to do in Wales on the tablet. We didn’t have to look far as Wales is packed with fun places to explore.

I couldn’t wait to run my paws along some of the great beaches nearby. Dad tells me, loads of them have Blue Flag Awards, the top certification for quality, cleanliness and facilities. WOOF!

Our cottage was the perfect size, clean and super cozy. All I could see from our patio was green fields and blue skies. The hosts are splendid too and the location really worked for us, from the cottage we had easy access to all parts of the county for our beach missions.

After the first day at the cottage mum and dad already seemed suitably ‘rested’, so much so that I was pulling at the lead to get them out! After lots of bottom wiggling, and happy barks, we headed off to one of the county’s best beaches, Manorbier. We walked the coast path to see some ancient stones, a Neolithic period burial chamber known as King’s Quoit, and then back and around the medieval castle. So many smells and sniffs! I loved it.


Eroc's skateboarding adventure


The next couple of days passed in an excited flurry of more visits to Pembrokeshire Blue Flag beaches. We went to Newgale, where we walked the length of the beach, watched the surfers, and I looked longingly at the skim boarders. Then Druidston, where we played ball, paddled in the sea and watched the riding horses trot by. It was pure bliss! Narberth has lots of great food to take away, so in the evenings Mum and Dad always had something delicious to eat.

Dad wanted to go to Whitchurch next, to see the Gorsedd Stone Circle which was built for the 2002 Eisteddfod. I didn’t realise it was built within the site of an abandoned WWII airstrip. How cool is that!? The old runways were ace and I shredded them up! (Instagram post by Erocdog)


Eroc's skateboarding adventure


Next up was Abereiddy the site of an ancient slate quarry, which is famous for deep turquoise waters. The water in the quarry is super deep and some crazy people were jumping off the rocks into the sea.

For our next adventure, we headed out across country to Cardigan, Ceredigion. Unsurprisingly, the first stop was a skatepark. I jammed there for a while, and made some new-found friends, and then we took a stroll around the town on a coffee hunt, and mum finally bought me a skimboard, yes!

Before I could try my new board out, but Mum and Dad wanted to see Pentre Ifan in Nevern – a Neolithic burial chamber of the ‘Portal Dolmen’ variety. From the stones there are awesome views of the Nevern Valley, and of Carn Ingli (“Hill of Angels”). I loved playing here but Newport Sands was calling us.


Eroc's skateboarding adventure


I can see why Newport Sands is favourite – the beach is Pure Awesomeness!! Sand as far as the eye can see, shallow water, and mellow waves. It was time to try that skimboard and guess what?! First time Dad skimmed it, Eroc rode it! I need to get my paws on a life jacket so I can have a go on a real surfboard next! Just need to convince my Mum and Dad that I’m ready to ride those waves.

Our time in Wales was over far too quick! I absolutely loved it, and definitely want to visit Wales again really soon. We only scratched the surface of what the country has to offer and I’ve got lots more skimboarding to try.

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