Jewellery designer Kirsty Patterson & Mowgli

We talked to Kirsty Patterson, designer and Creative Director of i+i Jewellery about her gorgeous Maltese Terrier Mowgli, and how he influences her life and work…

mowgli i+i jewellery

Tell us a little bit about your business.

I started i+i almost three years ago after working in India for a London-based jeweller. It is a bit of a cliché to say that I wanted to create jewellery that I couldn’t find elsewhere, but it genuinely started by making pieces for myself that I wanted to wear and then friends and people I met asking for them.

What type of jewellery do you design?

I design very delicate pieces that can complement every outfit. I like my jewellery to become an extension of the person wearing it, whether that be a single piece that you never take off, or layering them up to reflect your mood. It is feminine as it is so dainty, but with an edge to prevent it being too pretty.

mowgli i+i jewellery

Tell us a little bit about your dog and how you came to buy/rescue them.

My dog is a Maltese Terrier called Mowgli and he is just over a year old. My boyfriend bought him for me for my birthday last January, (however I had been planning it for quite some time, so there was some persuasion involved!) I had a Maltese growing up and I adore their temperament.

mowgli i+i jewellery

What influence does Mowgli have over your work?

Fundamentally Mowgli makes me so much happier and therefore I am infinitely more productive. I tend to take life and work very seriously; however, Mowgli helps to put things into perspective. I am sure this is what mothers say when they have children! I am so lucky to have him.

mowgli i+i jewellery

Do you take Mowgli into your office/studio and what effect does he have on office life?

Mowgli is with me 24/7. I take him everywhere except corporate office buildings! As Mowgli is a bit of handbag dog, a lot of people, particularly men, have preconceptions. However as soon as you spend some time with him, you can’t not love him! He has won everyone around in the studio! Whenever someone is having a bad day, he cannot fail to brighten their mood.

mowgli i+i jewellery

Where do you take Mowgli? Do you have any favourite cafés, restaurants or holiday destinations?

Our favourite place to eat is Farmacy in Notting Hill. They welcome him like an old friend! Down to Earth on High Street Kensington is also very dog-friendly. We went on holiday to France this year which was great as dogs are allowed everywhere. Paris was especially good!

mowgli i+i jewellery

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