Me & My Pet: Estée Lalonde

We spoke to Content creator and podcast host Estée Lalonde as she shares the story of her beloved rescue dog, Effy. 



Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you’d like to tell us a little about?

“Nothing that I can mention quite yet! I’m still working very hard on my jewellery collection in collaboration with Daisy Jewellery which is something I’m still really excited about! I’ve always got new things on the go, so watch this space!” 


Tell us about your gorgeous new dog Effie! Why did you choose her?

“My little Effie is really the sweetest little thing. I had a gorgeous greyhound named Reggie for many years that I adopted from a retired racing greyhound shelter. He was truly the light of my life and after losing him I wasn’t sure if I had space in my heart to love another dog.

Eventually I realised that I simply could not live without a dog- they bring so much life to a home. I had worked with Wild at Heart Foundation before and respect them so much for all that they do. I got in touch, saw a few photos of cute little doggies, but when I saw Effie I instantly knew. They say the dog chooses you anyway – I didn’t have a chance! “


How did you decide on the name Effie? It’s beautiful!

“Effie was actually the name she was given by WAHF! I loved it so much I didn’t even think about changing it. Estée and Effie :)”


What breed do you think she is?

“We think Effie is a Kokoni, but I think she must be mixed with something else. She looks like a miniature golden retriever. I can’t handle the cuteness!”


Does Effie have her own beauty routine? 

“Effie is a low maintenance kinda gal. Besides teeth brushing, nail trimming and the occasional brush there’s not much else she needs! Unless she gets scared and hides in a mud puddle…then she needs a BATH! Effie does not like baths.” 


If she was a celebrity, who would she be most like?

“That’s a really funny question. She’s a total blonde bombshell, so I’d say Marilyn Monroe. People are mesmerized by her and cannot take their eyes off her gorgeous little face!” 


Why did you choose a rescue dog?

“Adopting animals is something I’m very passionate about. I experienced the amazing transformation with my Greyhound Reggie from scared and nervous to comfortable and playful. It’s so hard to explain to someone how beautiful that journey is. 

It is absolutely hard and emotional work to adopt an animal. Things aren’t always straight forward and it’s honestly heartbreaking to see a dog be scared of humans (Effie is terrified of everyone). Slowly, slowly they gain confidence and I just couldn’t imagine not wanting to give an animal a fresh start in life. There is no love in this world like a rescue animal has for their owner. Truly a beautiful relationship – unconditional love.”



How do you support the Wild At Heart Foundation?

“I mostly advocate for the adoption of animals and get involved in any way I can. When I meet people in the street and they see Effie I always make sure to tell them that I adopted her from Greece through WAHF. I think awareness is so important.

I genuinely think a lot of people don’t understand the adoption process and it’s quite daunting. I just want to help educate people about what adopting an animal actually looks like.” 


What difference does she make to your life?

“Well, she has definitely helped me deal with the loss of my Greyhound. It has been so nice to be able to focus my energy into something positive. Besides that, I just love waking up next to her in the morning. As soon as I open my eyes she’s already got her toy in her mouth waiting to play. It’s adorable and the best way to get the day started.

I think the humour of having a dog is what I like the most. They break up the daily stresses of life with hilarious little moments (like the other night before bed when Effie crawled up into my pillow and sat on my head.) Dogs take the edge off. “

If you were going to take her on a dog-friendly holiday, where would you go?

“When you have a dog it becomes really important to think about where to go on holiday! Not all hotels are pet friendly so that’s the first thing to check. I’m personally looking forward to a weekend at Cary Arms Hotel & Spa. Seems like the perfect place for Effie and I to relax :)” 


Any strong views on pet welfare that you’d like to share?

“I think I would just like to take this opportunity to inspire people to look into adopting an animal before buying an animal from a breeder. There are so many dogs that are being mistreated and need homes.

We do not need to be supporting a problematic breeding system – end of. Open your heart and embrace patience with a rescue animal and you will be rewarded in ways you never thought existed.”