Me & My Pet: Vogue Williams

We talk to TV presenter and podcaster, Vogue Williams about her new rescue puppy, Bertie and how he gets on with her family and her other dog, Winnie and why she thinks you should always get a rescue dog!

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I am on tour with my husband Spencer doing live shows based on our podcast and I’m also on tour with my best friend Joanne for our podcast “My Therapist Ghosted Me”. As well as that I’ve got lots on the go – I’m doing a few TV pieces, working with brands as well as my brand Bare by Vogue. I’m still doing lots to keep myself as busy as I can.

When did you get Bertie and what made you fall in love with him?

I had been looking on the Many Tears rescue site for about six months and we lost out on a few dogs that I had been looking at. I just wanted every single dog that they posted. I had lost out on a one-year-old French Bulldog but then they sent me a picture of Bertie who was called Governor at the time. I thought he was just perfect and I thought a puppy would be great for the kids and help them use up a lot of energy!

How does Bertie get on with Theodore, Gigi and Otto?

He’s obsessed with Theodore, Gigi and Otto and even Otto has learned to be more gentle with Bertie and he’s just really, really good around the kids.

How does he get on with Winston (Winnie), your other dog?

He’s finally started getting on with Winston. They play-fight a lot and Bertie is always running after Winnie in the park. But they sleep separately because Bertie is a bit more restless in the night but they get on super, super well.

Why did you decide to get another dog?

We decided to get another dog because I thought it would be lovely for the children. I was a bit worried at the start when Winnie and Bertie weren’t getting along but now that they love each other it’s nice for Winnie to have some dog company – although they are never really alone with our busy household!

What’s so special to you about Many Tears Animal Rescue Centre?

Many Tears are amazing. I just think they do an incredible job – they help so many dogs. I love following them (on Instagram) and I love seeing how they rehome dogs in the most amazing places.

Does Winston have a favourite in your family?

Winston’s absolute number one is my brother Alexander. He gets so excited when he comes over. He also used to live with us so he was sleeping downstairs with him the whole time. He just absolutely adores Alexander, although I come a close second.

Are there any funny incidents so far involving Bertie?

There are just so many funny scenarios involving Bertie – he’s been on the trampoline with the kids and he’s always getting up to mischief in the house.

What life lessons have Bertie and Winnie taught you?

I suppose it’s to be super selfless. I got Winnie before I had kids and there’s a lot that goes into looking after a dog. I think that people aren’t always aware quite how time-consuming they are. But it’s also the most rewarding thing ever because they’re just such amazing animals and nobody will ever be as excited as they are when you walk through the door.

What do you feel strongly about with regard to animal welfare?

I think that if people are planning to get a dog they should be really, really sure about it and should realise the commitment required and know that it’s not going to be plain sailing. You have to train them, you have to look after them and it’s a lot of work. I think it’s sad when people just forget that and then give them away. That’s why I just think you need to be very careful when you’re deciding whether or not to get a dog and always adopt because there are so many dogs out there that need homes.

Which PetsPyjamas hotel would you like to visit with Bertie and Winnie?

I’ve been to Cliveden before but I’d love to visit again with the dogs, oh and also Chewton Glen.