Momo & Me – With great hair, comes great responsibility

Lucia Ferrari, a health, beauty and fitness writer who has worked for Harpers Bazaar and London’s Evening Standard, talks about Cavapoo Momo’s hair this month and the pressures that come with maintaining such a lustrous mane…


As well as getting Momo used to the school run, I thought it also vital to train Momo to sit politely in cafés, outside M&S and most crucially at the hairdresser’s. Everyone in our family has BIG hair, so salon visits can take a long time.

His first visit to Salon Sloane was a huge success. He sat quietly while the brilliant Tony Culver did my highlights (and dispensed an excellent tip for keeping a Momo’s coat glossy – a spoonful of Omega 3 rich salmon oil in his food) and snuggled up to Italian maestro Gio while he blow-dried me, noting how Momo’s shaggy undone Cavapoo loose waves were pretty much the look I always ask for.


Momo does have good hair.

Ex-Vogue Stylist and editor of, Nick Cox, describes it as ‘beachy’ in a bleached-out, textured surfer chic kind of way with its choppy layers and washed out colour; not a million miles away from Amber Valetta on the cover of this month’s Vogue in fact.

And the other day in Barnes, a man asked if Momo would be interested in fathering a litter of puppies with his Cavachon as he’d love to replicate Momo’s Californian beach waves.


I must say, his hair is much less curly than I thought it would be (thank GOD) – a big relief to me after years of blow-dries to de-frizz my own hair.

Of course, there is now tremendous pressure on me to maintain this look. My husband insists I must not take him near a dog grooming salon for at least two years (he has been told by Caroline in Hurlingham Park that this will ruin the texture of the hair and turn it into tight frizzy curls.)

I of course am on the hunt for the ultimate dog grooming products just in case this happens – the John Frieda Frizz Ease of the dog shampoo world. So far, Paul Mitchell Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo is doing the trick.


Of course, Momo does occasionally let the side down, channelling Peppa Pig with a faceplant into a muddy puddle. Luckily the minerals in the mud have so far only enhanced his shaggy locks.

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