Mr Pom Bear on Katie Gibbs of Katie & Jo, Bellevue Road

Meet Poochon Mr Pom Bear and owner Katie Gibbs of fabulous fashion boutique Katie & Jo on Bellevue Road…

mr pom bear katie & jo

How did you choose Katie as your owner?

As soon as we laid eyes on each other I knew that was it! What Katie didn’t know was that I was the last one left in the litter without a new home to go to but she chose me anyway so it must have been fate.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m always the last out of bed – I need my beauty sleep! Most days are bad hair days for me although I’m hoping the perm look is coming back into fashion…. We then drive up to the shop and have a walk around Wandsworth Common – I make sure I say hello to all my friends. It’s then time to work! My main jobs are shop guard dog, dressing room attendant, child entertainer and Instagram model. Work is tiring so at the end of the day I like a walk, some leftovers and to be the first one to bed.

mr pom bear katie & jo

How important is fashion to you?

Fashion is my passion! I work in a womenswear boutique so I am surrounded by lots of gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories every day. I love to strut around Wandsworth Common showing off all my pet accessories. To look my absolute best, I visit the dog grooming studio, on Trinity Road, once a month. Orange is my absolute favourite colour. I do like the winter season because it means I get to wear my jumpers (I have an extensive winter wardrobe).

mr pom bear katie & jo

Whose style do you most admire? Can be human or animal!

The Katie & Jo customers – they are always dressed immaculately.

If Katie was a dog which breed would she be?

A POOCHON TOO! We both have untameable blonde hair.

mr pom bear katie & jo

Do you have a favourite human?

I love all our Katie & Jo customers. They always give me lots of fuss and attention in the shop. But I do adore staying with Katie’s mummy as she always spoils me with sausages from the butcher and takes me for lots of lovely walks in the Cotswolds.

Are you a city pooch or a country-loving hound?

Definitely a city pooch but I do enjoy escaping to the country on the weekends.

mr pom bear katie & jo

Where are your favourite places to walk?

I love Brancaster Beach in Norfolk, with my big brother Pickle. It also means we get to lay in front of the fire afterwards and have big sleepovers with lots of yummy food!

Where do you go on holiday with Katie?

Norfolk which has lots of fabulous cottages and the Cotswolds – there’s so much to do and sniff there!

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