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Read Week One Blog20141107_PRINCESS_BLOG_01Dear Pet Lovers

In the last few decades, high end home interior design has been through an array of positive changes, becoming fashionable to mix different periods of furnishing styles and harmonising them with tastefully selected upholstery and fabrics.

Often incorporating a pet’s needs into home deco results in luxuriously decorated homes installing a simple bed on the floor, often made of basic fabric and which doesn’t  colour coordinate with the rest of the elegant surroundings, thus taking away some of the glamour of the space. My collection has nineteen fabric colours in three different qualities to pick from and the furnishing styles range from Baroque to Contemporary, as well as offering a great range of woodwork colours. All these elements help to provide the final touches to an elite piece of furniture for your pet and for pet lovers who are connoisseurs of beauty and style.

It is a pleasure for me to achieve harmony between every unique bed and their matching toy boxes and the client’s style of interior decoration. The concept of my designs focus on the compatibility of different styles of furnishing periods, such as:

Classic models match perfectly with your antiques. No matter whether your furnishings are in Baroque or Regency style, Louis XV or Victorian, our range will definitely offer a model that will blend harmoniously into your furnishings. We even have the appropriate design for furnishings which feature Czaristic style: elegant unique pieces with hand-painted Fabergé motives.

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Bauhaus-design: For Bauhaus artists, just as in our design studio, the essential attitude was to combine artistic and handicraft skills. The principle is illustrated in our Bauhaus-style furniture which are timeless and distinctive eye-catchers in any modern living environment.


Art Deco reminds me of the evolution in furnishing at the turn of the 20th century, originating in Vienna. At the time visual artists joined together, shaping the “Secession Style”. Our Art Deco-furnishing feature elegant designs which are still current in today’s world.

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French provincial: These unique models with hand-painted flower motives, a distinguishing mark of style, are charmingly playful and easily integrated into different styles of furnishing.


English country style: Furnishings in old English style are adorned with hand-painted flowers by artists. Often painting the typically English roses in pastel shades, makes design obviously “very British” and appealing.


Retro style: Our furnishings in retro-style, characterised by their aesthetic and the ideas of the 60’s and 70´s match with any kind of modern living environment.




Contemporary: Pieces with clear lines, inspired by furnishings from the Pop-art and Avant-Garde era, as well as Futurism and abstract pieces of art, make for perfect focal points to a contemporary home.

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All-round models: Clients that do not wish to decide on a certain style may choose one of our all-round models. Those do not belong to certain epochs, and can be matched with the respective decor of the clients living environment, by choosing complimentary colours and fabrics to create the pet bed from.

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Our pets, who are part of the family, love to be entertained by toys as much as we love to buy them toys to spoil them with; however this often leaves disorder around the home. Some pet owners will just drop the toys into the pets’ bed but this can often leave the dog uncomfortable in their space or cause them to lie down somewhere else in the house. My collection of Toy Collector Boxes (matching all furniture styles and complementing the clients’ décor) are not only for tidiness, but also to ensure that the dog is relaxed in their private place, without their toys causing disruption. A further advantage is that dogs love to take out toys from their boxes. My years of experience have shown that all pets learn very quickly to run to their full toy box when they want to play – it is an incentive for them and an enchanting moment for us.


I hope you have found my range of different periods of historical furnishing styles adapted for pets interesting and I hope you enjoy my creations.

H.S.H. Princess Katalin zu Windischgraetz

P.S. In my next blog I’m looking forward to talking about Health Support & Well-being.

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