Pet Travel Essentials

PetsPyjamas Top 10 Pet Travel Essentials

Our Pet Inspectors Rufus and Heidi love to travel and never adventure without their travel essentials!

Whether you’re embarking on a weekend break or a long holiday, ensure your four-legged friend is ready for their holiday with top travel picks from Rufus and Heidi…





  1. Pet Travel Bed by PetsWeekend



Travelling with your pet has never been easier with PetsWeekend’s portable dog bed. Lightweight and made from 100% cotton, this bed can be easily rolled up and has a detachable handle. Plus, you can personalise your pet’s travel bed for free!

  1. Window Vent Guard by RAC

3-window-guardFor your dog, there’s no better feeling than the wind blowing through their ears as you cruise along to your holiday destination! RAC’s easy-to-install window vent guard will give plenty of ventilation and keep them safe.

  1. The Pet Travel Tote Bag by Travel Wags

resized_tote_bag_0The ultimate vacation bag for pet travellers, this stylish and functional tote is great for dog-friendly weekends away and on days out. It’s packed with everything your furry friend will need, including a chiller bag, collapsible bowls, poo bag dispenser, and pockets for those all-important treats.

  1. The Otis Sand Shetland Wool Leather Dog Lead by Teddy Maximus

resized_oti2_2Having a stylish lead at the ready is essential on your travels, especially if your dog needs to make a quick pit-stop! Made from Shetland wool and lined with premium leather, this chic lead also has a trigger hook that’s super easy to clip onto your pet’s collar in a hurry.

  1. Cosmos Ringo Orbee -Tuff by Planet Dog

dogs-christmas-balls-planet-dog-ringo-orbee-tuff-acp-00058-0Ideal for a quick game en route and once you’ve reached your dog-friendly destination, your dog will love playing with this super tough bouncy ball. Plus, it has a space for you to insert some tasty dog treats!

  1. Personalised Pet Towel by My Posh Paws

dogs-bathing-my-muddy-paws-personalised-pet-towel-chocolate-mup-00009-3Protect your car seat and hotel room from muddy paws with this gorgeous personalised dog towel. Super absorbent, its perfect for drying off your pet quickly!

  1. Lime H2o Water Bottle by H204K9

resized_grn95-fTravelling is thirsty work, so keep your four-legged friend hydrated on long journeys with this hardwearing water bottle. Simply twist off the top and pour your pup a drink!

  1. Dog Car Harness by RAC

dogs-car-accessories-rac-rac-car-harness-pbr-00162-0Never has it been so easy to travel safely with your dog! This car harness is great for short or long journeys and is fully adjustable for your pet’s comfort. Attaching to any car seatbelt, RAC’s harness will keep your pet secure and can we detached for quick rest stops.

  1. Full Body & Paw Wipes by John Paul Pet

dogs-cats-shampoo-john-paul-pet-full-body-and-paw-wipes-jpp-00010-0When a towel just won’t do, wipe down your mucky pup with these body and paw wipes – it’s like a bath in a box! Great for when you’re on the go or after a fun holiday walk.

  1. Tweed Plush Dog Toy by House of Paws

resized_hp656h_2After a long day of travelling and holiday adventures, your dog will welcome snuggling down with this plush toy. Made from green tweed with faux sheepskin, this toy features an inner plastic squeaker for extra fun!

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