There’s a kitten in your pocket!

 A new cat craze has joined the ever growing list of online feline trends. An artist from Japan called Hiroko Kubota has recently found fame with realistic embroideries of adorable kittens on button-up shirts, perfectly stitched so that it looks just like you have a kitten popping out of your pocket.
 kubota 2
Not simply an aesthetic project, Kubota first started making shirts for her son who was too small for shop-bought clothes. It was only when he asked her for a cat appliqué for one of the shirts that the idea started. After her first feline embroidery for her son, she was so pleased that she posted a photo on her Flickr page. Before long, she had ignited a viral sensation with cat fans across the globe sharing her image – it was apparently “widespread overnight”.
The shirts were sold on her Etsy page for $250-300 before her stock ran out, but Kubota still receives custom orders. On discussing the sudden success of her cat inspired business, Kubota said “About the phenomenon of cats on the internet… I think the person who likes dog goes for a walk outside instead of sitting on the internet. I have some clients who ask me to embroider their dogs on the shirts, but I think it is impossible to pocket a big retriever.”
Have a look below at some of her unique designs..
kubota 3
kubota 4 Kubota 5 kubota1
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