Rottweiler with cancer makes bucket list

After eight-year old Rottweiler Coco was diagnosed with terminal cancer, her owners Symon Spencer and Theresa Clancy decided to compile a bucket list to ensure she ended her life on a high.

rottweiler coco

Coco was taken to the vets after Symon and Theresa noticed she had developed a limp. An X-Ray sadly revealed that the adorable canine had tumours in her right shoulder – she has been given only four to six weeks to live.

coco 2

“I was crying for most of the weekend after being told,” said Symon who has had Coco since she was nine weeks old.

rottweiler coco

“Dogs are really clever and they pick up on your mood and adopt it, so she was feeling low too. I thought ‘I need to snap out of this’.”

Symon was told he could have Coco’s leg amputated followed by a course of chemotherapy to give her an extra four to six months to live. However, he knew this wouldn’t give her a good quality of life – instead Coco is on medication to manage her pain and enjoying her last weeks.

rottweiler coco

Coco has now completed nearly all of her bucket list, which includes ordering a Big Mac from McDonalds, spending the day at work with Symon and Theresa, and enjoying a swim in a pool. All she has left to do is try some sushi and have a cast of her paw print made.

Coco’s bucket list:

– Get a 3D scan
– Run on a beach
– Play with other dogs on a beach
– Play football on a beach
– Run into the sea
– Eat fish and chips on the beach
– Share an ice cream with daddy at the beach
– Have photos with daddy, mummy and nanny
– Go for a ride in mummy’s TT Convertible
– Sit in a police car
– Sit in a fire engine
– Sit in a police helicopter
– Sit in the front cab of a train
– Go swimming in a pool with daddy
– Eat a steak in a restaurant
– Order and eat a Big Mac from a drive through
– Go to work with daddy
– Go to work with mummy
– Photo with British Transport Police
– Appear in the media
– Cast a paw print
– Try sushi
coco 5
coco 9
coco 10
coco 6
coco 11
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