Emma from Mimi & Me tells us more about her doggie daycare service and her gorgeous French Bulldogs!

Emma from Mimi & Me tells us all about her fabulous doggie daycare service and her gorgeous French Bulldogs! Visit Mimi & Me here. 

“Everyone thought I was mad when I announced I wanted another dog and a Frenchie at that, but I was of the mind of get the furry friend and figure it all out later’. Emma admits, this mentality is certainly not for everyone, but thankfully it worked out extremely well for her! “It was the best thing I could have done. I enjoyed having her in my life so much that I didn’t want to be without her. It was then that Emma decided that by integrating Mimi and her ageing Hungarian Viszla into her working life, that she would then be truly happy. With two grown-up sons, Emma feels that her business opened up a whole other chapter in her life. “I will be forever grateful that I didn’t listen to the naysayers”.

“People had said for years that I should start a doggie daycare business.” It was Mimi, Emma’s gorgeous French Bulldog who inspired Emma to give up her paid job and plunge into setting up her own business. “I can say hand on heart it saved me and made me so happy. Not only do I have a job that I love, I get to have lots of different dogs every day.” Through her business, Emma has had the chance to meet other dog lovers and of course, many French Bulldogs.“Whats wonderful is that everyone wants to talk and compare notes and its such great way to connect with people”.

One of Emma’s clients, now a close friend has recently set up a ‘Frenchie Meet Up’ group in Battersea Park, South West London. The group brings together all of the South West London Frenchie owners and makes a wonderful start to a Sunday morning, bringing people and four-legged friends together.“For new owners, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and admire the numerous accessories now available to the Frenchie owner”. Speaking of which, PetsPyjamas has a fabulous range of accessories, perfect for Frenchies.

Image: Mimi & Me

Join Mimi & Me for a home away from home with your dog in Battersea, London. Whether it’s for a full day or a few weeks, Mimi & Me Doggie Day Care can look after your four-legged friend. Click here for Mimi & Me Doggie Day Care rates and services

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