Dog-friendly holidays: Top tips for a pet-friendly trip

Ensuring that your pet has a comfortable journey when you take them on your dog-friendly holidays is important. So whether you are taking them in a car, ferry, or on a plane, vet Holly Mash shares her top tips to make sure both you and your pet have a great holiday… 

  • If you’re dog friendly holidays are a long car journey away, try and stop for a break so that your dog can stretch his legs and empty his bladder, and have the offer of a drink, every few hours.
  • It is always best to be safe and as precaution for them to wear a seatbelt in the car or for small dogs a travel crate will help them feel safe and keep them from moving about too much.
  • Travelling with you cat in the car always have a carrier that is big enough for them to turn around comfortably – it could be wise to invest in a roomier carrier for longer journeys.


  • Use a drop (just one) of lavender on your pets bedding, to help them to relax and sleep.
  • For travel sickness, there is the excellent homeopathic remedy Cocculus, (12 or 30c). The dose is one tablet an hour before the journey, another when you set off and then subsequent doses every four hours during the journey. Alternatively, you can use ginger, the herbal remedy for travel sickness.
  • Finally, remember not to give your pet a large meal before a long journey to your dog friendly holidays, as this will make them feel uncomfortable and never, ever leave your pet in a hot car!



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