Designer Spotlight: Magnetix Wellness

This month we talk with Kate Bunney Marketing Director of Magnetix Wellness and specifically what her Magnetix Wellness pet range does for our four-legged family members…

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I have two, four legged members of my own family, Mojo who is a 13-year-old rough coated Jack Russell, and Harry, our rescued 4-year-old chocolate brown German Shorthaired Pointer. Last year, Mojo became more reluctant to go for long walks and increasingly lagged behind, whilst Harry galloped off into the wilds.

A quick trip to the vet confirmed my worst suspicion – Mojo was getting a little old and was suffering from some arthritis in her rear legs. Not being one to resign to the inevitable outcome, I tried various remedies including food supplements and green lipped mussel extracts etc.

Nothing seemed to have much of an impact until I put a Magnetix Wellness pendant onto her collar. Very little happened for a few days and in truth I forgot about it until a friend I was walking with pointed out that Mojo seemed to be much more active and more of her usual self! She was right of course.


Mojo had in fact returned to her usual active self and was chasing around without a care. Harry, in the meantime, started limping and having checked his paws for thorns, found that he was sensitive in his left rear leg and unhappy when I went to check it.

Back to the vet who suggested a pulled muscle or stretched ligament. Harry is a German Shorthaired Pointer and has only two speeds – full on or stop! It seemed that he had strained his leg whilst jumping over one wall or another. He also now wears a Magnetix Wellness pendant and again whilst the occasional stress and strain still occurs, he seems to recover in days rather than weeks. Coincidental? Possibly.

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Over the years I have found that for some (adults, cats, dogs, and horses) Magnetix Wellness products work like a miracle cure and for others less so. If you have tried all the usual remedies without success I would encourage you to look at Magnetix Wellness before taking the path of expensive surgery / products or other invasive procedures.

My two beautiful dogs now drink magnetised water (surprisingly by preference) and genuinely seem happy and well.

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Claire King (from Coronation Street) who’s been a friend for many years, also suffers from arthritis and having seen the effect the Magnetix Wellness jewellery range had on others, decided to give it a go herself.

The results for her have been tremendous, and as she said recently on breakfast TV with Lorraine, “Magnetix really play an important part of my arthritis management program”. Claire also uses a Magnetix Wellness water stick to magnetise her water in conjunction with her Magnetix Wellness jewellery.  As she pointed out, when you are in pain, it’s worth trying almost anything.

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At PetsPyjamas, we like to try things out first hand and so we invited Kate into meet our team with some of their pets to see first-hand, what, if anything, would happen. We filled two bowls with water and placed a special water magnet (it is covered in stainless steel to prevent corrosion) into one of the bowls.

Much to our surprise the magnetised water was a firm favourite! Dogs have a far better sense of smell and are sensitive to changes in water. Repeatedly, our pets choose the magnetised water rather than the identical bowl of ordinary H20. It smells, tastes and agrees with animals far better!  

Kate pointed out that magnets affect many things in humans and all creatures great and small. Magnets help activate the body’s metabolism, improve circulation and harmonize the nervous system. This assists healing, reduces swelling and helps regeneration. I have even heard of Magnetix being used in fish aquariums to good effect said Kate.

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Finally, my local vet who was to say at the least sceptical, has now become a convert and supports the use of Magnetix Wellness with his patients and he also uses them himself!

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