Architects design cat houses for charity

Our furry friends are no strangers to curling up and finding comfort in the strangest of places. But we wonder what they will make of these modern cat houses designed by architects in the name of charity!

Designed by HOK

Designed by HOK

Architects for Animals enlisted the help of 12 different architectural firms to design eye-catching cat houses in the hope of raising awareness for the 3 million stray cats in Los Angeles.

cat houses 3

Designed by DSH// architecture

A benefit was held earlier this month for the quirky cat shelters to be auctioned off with the proceeds going to spay and neuter organisation FixNation.

Designed by the team of Formation Association, Arktura, BuroHappold

Designed by the team of Formation Association, Arktura, BuroHappold

cat houses 11

Designed by Standard Architecture| Design

Each piece was designed with our feline friends in mind, ensuring there were plenty of hidey-holes, scratching posts and ledges to perch on.

cat houses 6

Designed by Knowhow Shop

cat houses 8

Designed by Perkins & Will

The crowd favourite was a design called ‘Cat in a Fish Bowl’ by Abramson Teiger Architects.

Designed by Abramson Teiger Architects

Designed by Abramson Teiger Architects

Managing principal at Abramson Teiger Architects Douglas Teiger said, “I’ve always wanted to create a cathouse that really works.”

“Most are gigantic and impractical. For this project I was inspired by the symbol for yin-yang, which is made up of two fish, and represents the dichotomy between opposite energies and how they are connected and interdependent, just like a cat and a fish. I also wanted to make a piece that’s multifunctional and could be used as a side table.”

cat houses 2

Designed by CallisonRTKL

cat houses 10

Designed by RNL

What do you think your cat would make of these breath-taking designs? Or would they just be content with a regular cardboard box? Let us know!

cat houses 9

Designed by Pfeiffer Partners Architects

cat houses 7

Designed by Lehrer Architects

cat houses 12

Designed by WORD + Schmidt Designs

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