Getting your Chihuahua Ready for Spring

With Springtime approaching, it’s time to think about preparing your dog for the warmer months ahead. From grooming to Spring cleaning, here are our top tips to get your Chihuahua ready for Spring. 


Brush more regularly! 


Even though Chihuahuas are a small breed, they still need to be brushed regularly to keep their coat in good condition. Long-haired Chihuahuas typically require more attention, but even the shorter-haired ones tend to shed so it’s essential you give your pooch a good brush to prevent any unnecessary build-up of hair, matting, and knots in the fur. 

As a general rule, long-chaired Chihuahuas should be brushed around 3 times a week, whilst once a week should suffice for those with shorter coats. When you go to brush your pup, it’s important you go over the chest, legs and tail to ensure the entire coat is covered. 

For more ‘challenging’ coats, it might be a good idea to first lightly dampen your Chihuahuas fur with a canine condition, and then gently work it in using a comb. This should help to remove any knots and tangles. 


Bath time


It’s that time, so why not give your Chihuahua a Spring clean! You should be bathing your dog once every 3-4 weeks to maintain a nice, glossy coat. Although bathing a Chihuahua might sound incredibly chaotic, most owners will agree that it’s actually the opposite, however, there are a few things to be wary of. 

When buying shampoos and canine conditioners for your four-legged friend, try to opt for those that are rich in nutrients and protein. This way, when you lather it into their fur, it does not wash away essential oils. There are plenty of dog shampoo products out there that will do the trick, but you can also use baby shampoo as a safe alternative. 



More often than not, bathing your Chihuahua in a sink is much easier than in a bathtub. This is a good trick if your pooch is scared of water as it allows for more control and a generally less frightening experience for your Chi. Fill the sink with around 3 inches of water, check the temperature of the isn’t too hot and rinse their coat thoroughly – you want to ensure there is no soap left behind as this can cause skin irritation and problems with the fur. 


Trim their nails  


Nail trimming is an important part of every Chihuahua’ grooming routine. When their nails grow too long, it can become very painful for your dog to walk, and can also lead to potential infection and the onset of canine arthritis. 

Generally speaking, you should trim your Chihuahua’s nails once a month. Using a scissor-style (millers forge) or guillotine, gently hold and comfort your pooch will your non-dominant hand and use your dominant hand to hold the clippers. Simply slide your Chihuahua’s nail between the blade with the blade facing towards you. 

Aim to trim no more than 2mm of the nail, and be sure to avoid the quick (the vein that runs through the middle of the nail). If you cut too deep and accidentally trim this, the nail may start to bleed. If this happens, don’t worry – just follow these simple steps


Brush their teeth


Even though we love them, Chihuahua’s are renowned for having stinky dog breath and are typically prone to dental issues. To combat this, you simply need to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. We’d recommend brushing your pooch’s teeth at least 2-3 times to keep them looking pearly white (ish)!  

How to clean your Chihuahua’s teeth properly: 

  • Apply pet toothpaste to a small toothbrush. 
  • Using your hand, carefully lift up the corner of your dog’s mount and gently brush along the line where the gum and tooth meet. 
  • Ensure all the toothpaste is spread through all teeth including upper and lower areas of the mouth.
  • Brush using small, circular motions. 
  • Work on one section of your dog’s mouth at a time, lifting their lips up if necessary. 
  • Focus on the side of the tooth that touches the cheek as this is where most of the tartar and plaque builds up. 



Give your home a Spring Clean! 


Most of us will be thinking about spring cleaning our houses, but don’t forget about your dog! It’s a good idea to wash your pooch’s bedding and blankets using anti-bacterial laundry wash. 

Clean the areas where your dog tends to lay too, and use a dog-friendly disinfectant to freshen up. A good wash will remove all the fur, dirt, and bacteria that have accumulated in your dog’s bed. 

It might also be worth giving your carpet, floors, and sofas a clean to ensure the house is free of any fleas or parasites that could be lurking! 


Garden Maintenance


I’m sure we’ll all be thinking about getting out in our gardens/outside space as soon as the warmer weather arrives, but before you do, it’s worth making sure it’s as safe as can be for your four-legged friend. 

It might be a good idea to have a quick potter around the garden and make sure there are no gaps or Chihuahua shaped holes in fences! Pour away any stagnant water that may have accumulated in flower pots, watering cans etc as this can be really harmful for dogs to drink. 

Like most dogs, Chihuahuas tend to enjoy sitting in the shade when the weather is lovely and hot; so if possible, allow for a shady patch in your garden where your dog can relax. Place a bowl of fresh water next to them to keep them nice and hydrated, too. 

Check out our list of Springtime hazards for dogs to make sure you’re extra prepared when it comes to keeping your best furry friend safe in the warmer months ahead. 




Book a Dog-friendly holiday!


As we begin to get back to some kind of normality in the spring months ahead, you and your canine companion can hopefully enjoy some more quality time together; and what better way to do that than a dog-friendly getaway? 


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