Grumpy Cat has competition in Japan

Sorry Grumpy Cat, there is a new cranky cat on the block and her name is Koyuki, a nine-year-old Scottish Fold hailing from Yokohama, Japan.

grumpy cat 6

The feisty looking feline – who’s name translates as ‘light snow’ – is fast becoming a social media sensation much like her predecessor thanks to her scowling expression.

grumpy cat 5

Koyuki’s trademark look is due to her upturned eyes and forehead markings that resemble a deep furrow, creating a stare so icy that even the toughest of dogs who cross her path will be left quaking.

grumpy cat 8

But despite her angry expression, Koyuki is reportedly a very happy cat, enjoying regular cat naps, grooming sessions and even her medication!

grumpy cat 14

grumpy cat 16

grumpy cat 13

Koyuki has now amassed 47,200 Instagram followers and 53,700 on Twitter.

grumpy cat

grumpy cat 4

This sour puss’s newfound internet fame may not bring a smile to her face but it certainly will to her legion of fans!

grumpy cat 9

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