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How to Choose your Pet Insurance

With so many pet insurance companies and policies out there it can be hard to know what is right for your pet.


Millions of pet owners have insurance to cover expensive vet bills but these days there are policies that can also cover trips at home and abroad, and connect you with an online vet whenever you’re worried about your pooch. We spoke to pet insurance provider Bought By Many to get some pointers to make choosing cover a breeze.


Can you tell a lifetime policy from time-limited cover, or know the difference between an excess or co-payment? Whatever your experience with pet insurance, we’ve got a few pointers to make choosing cover a breeze.


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Vet fee cover

Vet fee cover is the core of any pet insurance policy and it’s a good place to start when narrowing down policies you’re looking at.


It’s hard to say what cover level is right for your pet as treatment costs and susceptibility to illness vary so much between breeds, pet ages and where you live.


Ask a vet, breeder or experienced owner for a guide for your pet but it can come down to the level that gives you the most peace of mind.


Bought By Many’s Complete Policy is the most comprehensive on the market and has £15,000 of vet fee cover. This means it can cover the most advanced treatments.


Lifetime, per-condition, time-limited

After deciding on a vet fee limit that works for you, check what kind of cover the policy offers.


The most common descriptions insurers use are lifetime, per-condition and time-limited.


Lifetime policies offer the most comprehensive cover because they can pay our for a condition throughout your pet’s life. They have an annual vet fee limit that you can claim up to in a policy year and when you renew your cover the limit will reset to full amount so you can continue to claim year after year.


Bought By Many pet insurance only offers lifetime policies.


Per-condition and time-limited may be cheaper but they can run out over time.


Time-limited cover will no longer cover a condition after a set amount of time after a claim. For example, if you claim for an ear issue, you may be allowed to continue to claim for it for 12 months but after that point you will no longer have cover for it or any related conditions. You will be able to claim for new conditions but they’ll also have a time limit for claims.


Per-condition policies work in a similar way but are capped at a certain amount you can claim for each condition. So, you might have a limit of £2,000 you can claim for the ear condition over your pet’s life but once you’ve hit it you won’t be able to claim for it again.

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Travel cover and extras

Most pet insurance should cover your dog when you’re on holiday in the UK but be aware that many policies do not cover trips abroad.


Check if travel abroad is included in your cover or available as add-on. Bought By Many’s Complete cover includes £2,500 of worldwide vet fee cover as standard and their other policies offer cover in Europe as an add-on.


The travel limit in your pet insurance may also cover costs if you have to cancel a trip if your pet is ill or has an accident.


Some companies also offer extra features like video vet calls. All Bought By Many vet fee customers have unlimited free access to FirstVet so they can video call in the UK at any time, wherever they are.


Check whether the cover you’re looking at has vet video calls; it’s a practical feature that you might find you use as much or more than claiming for vet treatment.


Find out more about Bought By Many and get a quote for their award-winning cover here.


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