Guest Pet Inspector at The Gallivant Hotel

Friend of PetsPyjamas and Publishing Manager at Shortlist Media, Jamie Klingler, recently went to stay at The Gallivant with her furry friend McNulty. As one of our favourite coastal pet-friendly hotels, we knew it wouldn’t disappoint! Find out all about their beachy adventures and canon climbing in Rye below. 

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We started the trip at St Pancras station, I was super excited to see my dad there and climbed on top of the suitcase to greet him. We then got a super fast train to Ashford, switched at Ashford and were in Rye within 1 1⁄2 hours. Rye is a beautiful old English town that is very dog-friendly. We started our stay by having dinner in the dog friendly George in Rye where there were about six other friendly dogs and everyone had a good sniff and a chat.

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Afterwards we got a quick taxi to The Gallivant in Camber Sands. The Gallivant is about 4 miles away from Rye and perfectly positioned right across from the beach. We had a spacious and lovely big room with a bed just for me (I tend to prefer to snuggle with my dad though). We woke in the morning to a box of goodies from PetsPyjamas including Mucky Pup shampoo bar, treats, a travel bowl and a cute bandana. My parents came back from breakfast raving about the excellent assortment of delicious food and the Bloody Mary Recovery bar.

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My mom had been very excited to show me a sandy beach and I was about to discover why. I got to run up and down sand dunes for ages. I was digging and digging for my ball and it just kept getting buried. I’d never been in the sea so had a wonderful time getting drenched and playing fetch in the little waves. I met lots of other dogs and then we went on the four mile walk back in to Rye.

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Once back in Rye we hung out in the Ship Inn for lunch and then took a walking tour through the town. I sat and posed on a cannon and then my silly dad put me in the docks. We then went to The Ypres Castle where I was keen to have a snooze while the humans played dominos. We then went back to The Gallivant where my parents had a wonderful dinner of cockles, rabbit, and steak and bubbles. I was wiped out from my day on the beach and happily snoozed the night away.

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Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 09.44.24Our second day on the beach was a much windier affair, but we saw painters and horses on the beach and once again I loved burying my ball— although the wind made me run a bit sideways! It was a wonderful home away from home. I got lots of belly rubs and would love to go back to The Gallivant and Rye soon. 5 star tail wags!

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 If you want to know more or go to The Gallivant Hotel yourself – pick up your bone and call the Pet Concierge on 0845 154 2104 or email us at –


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