Working Cocker Spaniel – Is This The Right Dog Breed for Me?

Like any breed there are pros and cons of the dog you’re looking at. Your own lifestyle and “ideal” dog is very personal. So, Steph from Spaniel Life reveals why she loves her Working Cocker Spaniels


Sev and Lily are both very loving and affectionate dogs, being with us is really important to them. Because of this they are very eager to please and want to be sure they’re doing everything right for you. All Sev ever wants is fuss and attention, and Lily adores cuddles. Being with people in general is what they love.


Working Cocker Spaniels are easy to train, and being a working breed means not only do they train well but they really thrive from it too. From puppy training and general obedience work, it’s important to train your dog further and regularly – at least on a weekly basis. Not only will your dog be very well trained, but the mental stimulation will help keep their behaviour in check. Sev and Lily do casual gundog training every other week, and although they’ll never be working dogs, it is great to see them enjoy it and wanting to learn more when they do well.

Love to exercise

Although the training and mental stimulation is great, Spaniels truly love to be free and run around. As well as country walks, Sev and Lily adore the water and swimming, chasing balls and running around wide-open spaces. A short lead walk just won’t do, but it’s perfect to get you out of the house too. Ideally this breed needs at least 1-2 hours of exercise a day.

Great size

Spaniels do vary in size but both Sev and Lily are under 13kg and the breed is known to be in the medium-size category. They’re easy to fit under tables, carry on the underground or sit on your lap on the bus. Not only this but they have a very big personality – no small dog syndrome here.

Perfect posers

Okay, so this may be personal to @spaniellife, but Sev and Lily aren’t famous on Instagram for nothing! Sev in particular loves posing and having the camera on him – he knows it means treats and is very aware of how handsome he is!

What about a dog-friendly holiday?

If you do decide to add a Cocker Spaniel to your family, be sure to check out our absolutely paw-some range of dog-friendly holidays! Here’s a few of our favourite collections for 2021…

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