Pet tech – Alfie Bear road tests the Wonderwoof

We sent our favourite Instagram English Springer Spaniel Alfie Bear the Wonderwoof – a new pet activity tracker. Alfie put it to the test and had his owner Emma fill us in…

As a dog owner it is so important to me that my little Alfie is as fit and healthy as he can be. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to keep him active, whether it is a weekly swim at our local lake or a trip to the beach. Recently we were kindly sent one of PetsPyjamas newest pieces of pet tech, a great gadget called the Wonderwoof.


A little bit of background information for you, just in case you don’t follow Alfie on Instagram. Alfie is a four-year-old working English Springer Spaniel – I use the term working lightly nowadays, as he has turned into quite the model. Even though his working dog days are behind him he is still the action dog – always on the go, and like all spaniels can be very highly strung at times.

The Wonderwoof is a fitness tracker for your dog, you simply attach it to your dog’s collar and it will track your dog’s movement. The tracker connects to an app on your smartphone, where you can then see just how active your furry friend is. With so many dogs nowadays slowly piling on the pounds this is an excellent idea.

Not only is it a great bit of tech, it looks great on your dog’s collar. (It’s all about style for this supermodel). Styled as a bow tie there are plenty of colours to choose from, and you can mix and match the strap colours too! We went for the snazzy “bad to the bone” orange, it looked great on him.


The app itself is so simple, and very easy to follow. You simply fill out your dog’s key information (so name, age, weight and breed) and then the app will calculate just how much exercise your dog needs per day. The app worked out that Alfie requires one-hour and 40-minutes of exercise per day, and by activity this could be your regular walks or spending that extra bit of time playing.

There were also some great extras on the app to help keep you motivated, and also see if you need to do that extra bit of activity with them. There are 10 bones on your home screen, each bone representing 10% of your dog’s daily exercise – the aim is that you fill these up each day.


It doesn’t just track exercise, you can set helpful alarms to help keep on top of your dog’s care too. This would be great for when you are trying to get your dog settled into a routine, or for you as a dog owner to brush their teeth more. This gentle reminder can be just what you need.

Over on our blog we shared our own experiences in a five-day exercise diary, so head over to see just how active Alfie is.

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