Behind the scenes on the Henry Holland shoot

Find out what went on behind the scenes on our photoshoot for the new House of Holland and PetsPyjamas pet collection, starring the fabulous Miss Peggy.

Mood Board

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Despite the pant-induced, tongue-lolling temperatures of July, we were so excited about our day’s shoot at Nice Studios shooting for the new House of Holland and PetsPyjamas collection. We were going to be working with one of the fashion circuit’s hottest hounds after all!

Our photographer was the amazing Drew Sutton who is the founder of Nice Images. A passionate pet lover and owner or several dogs himself, Drew made friends instantly with our star dog – Peggy. As well as running the studio – Drew can often be found under water snapping whales in different corners of the world! An expert at dealing with larger than life personalities then…

behind the scenes with Peggy

behind the scenes

As if on cue, Henry Holland’s French Bulldog Peggy came bounding into the studio, greeting and sniffing everyone and everything respectively.

Drawing inspiration from the mood board generated by our creative team – we decided early on, bright background colours for the shoot would best highlight the colourways of the collection, as well as represent House of Holland’s unique and playful style.

behind the scenes3

We also knew we wanted Peggy as the star of the collection. One of our favourite concepts was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy-tale, The Princess and the Pea, and loved the idea of sitting Peggy atop a mound of the collection’s dog dozas!

behind the scenes with Peggy

Easy said than done you may think – however Peggy bowled us all over with her professionalism. Any worries we had that she wouldn’t sit atop the pile of beds went out of the window after she was placed on top of the tower and stayed perfectly still – focusing all her attention towards the camera (and the treat hovering behind it!)

Unlike traditional fashion shoots, our model was motivated by food and promises of a treat after every well-struck pose!

behind the scenes with Peggy

In between shots, Peggy played with some of the fun toys listed on our website and enjoyed a few snoozes – it’s hard work being a model!

Henry even jumped in front of the lens and despite Peggy’s diva reputation she didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with her famous dad – for a little while…

henry and peggy2

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