Homeless dogs are ‘Muttbombing’ selfies

Our selfies are no longer safe! However they are being put towards a good cause.

Rescue shelter for dogs Dallas Pets Alive has been photoshopping pictures of adoptable dogs – in a craze they’ve dubbed as ‘muttbombing’ – onto unsuspecting online users selfies in a bid to find the dogs a new home.

muttbomb 5

Each ‘muttbomb’ provides information on how to help shelter the animal, in a cute and creative way.

Originally only people in the local area of Dallas, Texas were being ‘muttbombed’ however the initiative is being spread wider with dogs now even appearing on celebrity’s selfies.


Executive director of Dallas Pets Alive Leslie Sans said, “The feedback so far has been really positive – with people asking for their friends to get muttbombed or tagging friends to get muttbombed.”

“The selfie is undoubtedly a worldwide phenomenon that never got a social purpose until now. We wanted a creative approach to reach more audiences.”

muttbomb 4

This campaign is the first of its kind and Leslie hopes that all the dogs will eventually find permanent homes.

“Rescue groups have to stay relevant so homeless pets can be adopted, muttbombing is an innovative way to make sure our dogs are visible,” she said.

muttbomb 6

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