Fancy a weekend getaway with your pet, a personalised dog bed or a beautiful leather collar and lead set? Don't wait a moment longer — start collecting PetPoints now for a fabulous free gift or experience.

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A mystery night at a PetsPyjamas hotel

Please contact to claim your complimentary one-night stay at a pet-friendly hotel, handpicked by our dedicated Pet Concierge team.


Two complimentary Eurotunnel tickets

Travelling with your pet? Redeem your PetPoints for two complimentary tickets to travel by car with your dog via Eurotunnel.


Terms & Conditions

PetsPyjamas Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the pet points rewards scheme or to change these terms and conditions, regulations, or benefits of participation, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the number of pet points accumulated by the user.
Please be aware that pet points will be added to the user's account when payment is taken for the full order. 
PetPoints that are not redeemed will expire one year from the date they are awarded.If PetsPyjamas Ltd. believes, in its sole discretion, that a user is abusing the PetsPyjamas rewards scheme, we reserve the right to terminate the user's account
PetsPyjamas Ltd. is not responsible for awarding pet points if, for any reason, orders are cancelled or items are returned.
PetsPyjamas reserves the right to change all prizes included within the rewards scheme.
PetsPyjamas Ltd. may at any time withdraw, modify or cancel the number of PetPoints required for redemption.
PetsPyjamas Ltd. reserves the right to cancel any PetPoints awarded if we are notified that a user returned an order.
PetPoints earned from two or more different user's accounts cannot be combined and redeemed on the same order.
Only orders placed on accrue PetPoints. Unless explicitly stated, orders on affiliate sites will not earn you PetPoints.
PetPoints earned during points promotions will be withdrawn if the order is amended to a date outside the original eligible date rate.
PetPoints earned will expire on a 12-month rolling basis from the date the user's account is credited. If you level up before the 12 months expires, you will stay on that level for the next year.